Super-Simple Privacy Policy

Your Data? Yours Only!
We treat your data like a secret family recipe – with utmost care and never for sharing! Your personal info stays with us and goes nowhere else.

Cookies? Only the Edible Kind!
Okay, maybe not just the edible kind, but our cookies are pretty harmless. They help improve your experience, and we promise they're not spying on your movie choices.

Third-party Sharing? Nope.
We're not in the business of selling data. Your info stays cozy and protected, far away from third-party eyes.

Updates? Always Transparent!
If ever we tweak this policy (because let's face it, the digital world’s a-changin’), you'll be the first to know.

Questions? We're All Ears!
Got concerns? Want to chat about the latest episode of that binge-worthy show? Well, maybe stick to the first. Reach out, and we're here for you!

Stay groovy and surf safely! 🏄‍♂️🌐🔐